Cortec® Coated Products (CCP) in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, was honored by a visit from Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers and his delegation Tuesday, March 28th. Governor Evers was travelling across the state to promote his clean energy budget proposal and learn more about businesses that pursue environmental compliance. As a member of the voluntary Wisconsin DNR Green Tier program for more than a decade, CCP was a prime candidate for demonstrating how sustainability programs like the Green Tier play out in real life.

During a tour of the plant, Governor Evers took time to meet several of our line operators and ask many questions about how things are done at CCP. Caleb Pheneger (COO), Guy Van Riper (Wisconsin Plant Manager), and Cliff Cracauer (EVP Sales & Marketing) escorted the governor through the plant and shared how CCP has been able to improve efficiencies and sustainability. These efforts include using less power and water, reducing scrap, and using more recycled material.

Pheneger especially appreciated the opportunity to give the governor feedback on what works well for businesses as they pursue sustainability goals. He emphasized the importance of aligning environmental compliance systems with sound business principles. For example, with CCP and the Green Tier, Cortec® has seen positive returns on investments for environmental compliance. “The projects we’ve done—we’ve not only improved our impact on the environment, but we’ve saved money doing it. So it’s a win-win,” Pheneger said later when recalling the visit.

Local news stations Channel 8 (La Crosse) and Channel 18 (Eau Claire) covered the event and captured Governor Evers commending Cortec® for its sustainability efforts. “This plant frankly at Cortec® does a great job of meeting a lot of the expectations that the state has and so it’s important,” the governor said. Cortec®, likewise, was honored to have Governor Evers take time to stop by and learn how the Green Tier program works at CCP. “It was fantastic to have Governor Evers there,” Cracauer said, “and it’s truly appreciated that he took the time out of his schedule to visit our plant and see the successful program that we’ve had in place.”

Learn more about the visit and see video clips at the links below!

Channel 8:

Channel 18:

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