This is one of the things we do best

Welcome to Cortec ® Coated Products (CCP), where top-of-the-line VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) papers are manufactured and sold under the VpCI ® brand name—a distinguishing mark of quality in the VCI packaging world. We are your most dependable source for VCI coated paper products. We are also making our mark as an industry leader in environmental responsibility.

Quality Corrosion Inhibiting Papers

At CCP, we take quality seriously from start to finish. For VpCI ® papers, this begins by producing a high-quality liquid coating solution at our Saint Paul, Minnesota, Cortec ® Corporation headquarters and applying it to paper at CCP in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. This process transforms standard kraft paper into an effective Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor protective packaging material that keeps metal parts from rusting. Once the coating goes onto the paper, we do our own in-house printing and converting into a variety of custom sizes, rolls, and sheeting.

Environmental Responsibility

We are also serious about sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our paper products are naturally biobased, drawing from renewable resources to replace fossil fuels as a source of packaging material. In recognition of this, we have taken steps to voluntarily participate in the USDA BioPreferred ® Program with several of our products. We are now able to display a USDA Certified Biobased Product label on some of our most popular papers to highlight their unique percentages of biobased content. Almost all of our VpCI ® papers are recyclable, and we have gone the extra mile to also introduce recyclable/repulpable moisture barrier papers (both VCI and non-VCI) to help our customers replace polyethylene coated or waxed papers that present an environmental challenge because they cannot be recycled through normal channels.

Flexibility and Service

Whether you are a paper converter looking for an effective packaging product that you can buy in jumbo rolls and convert down to size for your own customers; whether you are a metal parts supplier looking for a quick, easy, and effective means to package and protect your metal goods from corrosion; or whether you are an industry looking for a recyclable moisture barrier paper; we are here to meet your coated paper needs.

Contact us today for more specific assistance in the areas of corrosion protection, moisture barrier packaging, or paper converting!