Cortec ® Coated Products (CCP) is a manufacturer of coated specialty paper, board, and films for the printing and packaging industry. We are based on a culture of high standards, manufacturing high quality coated papers while providing superior service to our customers. At CCP, we build on our experience in this specialized field to remain a forerunner in the coated paper industry.

CCP is a wide web, custom coater of flexible substrates (roll widths up to 100” [2.54 m]). The true value of CCP is our custom coating capabilities. We develop materials and offer services that our customers cannot find elsewhere. We invite you to work directly with us on process and product development. With our highly trained staff we are prepared to handle any coating opportunity. Our coater operators have an in-depth understanding of web handling technology. In addition, our converting and compounding facilities offer a unique blend of in-house capabilities unmatched by any competitor.

Quality Assurance and Capabilities

Our goal is to develop innovative ideas and creative solutions designed for high-value-added or specialty coated products. CCP is the logical choice to help you bring product concepts to existence in the shortest possible time.

Our Quality Assurance department performs all testing needed to ensure that your product specifications are met. We use a rigorous quality management system to ensure consistent quality in all aspects including customer service, product appearance, and performance. Our lab facility offers state-of-the-art testing equipment.

In addition to our fully equipped quality control laboratory, our facility is also furnished with the following for strong growth capabilities:

·      Melters and melt pump system

·      Slot die

·      Blending and holding tanks

·      Rail spur access

Wisconsin Green Tier Program

Since 2010, CCP has participated in the voluntary Green Tier program that recognizes environmental performance above and beyond minimal Wisconsin state regulatory requirements. The Green Tier program, which is run by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, requires participants to meet 12 Green Tier requirements, including the maintenance of an Environmental Management System (EMS) that is functionally equivalent to ISO 14001.

Our EMS has shown superior environmental performance over the years as part of the Green Tier program. Highlights include

·      Upgrading and installing manufacturing equipment to reduce paper scrap

·      Streamlining our paper recycling process to divert waste from the landfill

·      Installing a heat-recovery system that reuses “waste” heat from our oven exhaust system

·      Upgrading to energy efficient lighting

These projects have cut costs all while reducing our impact on the environment. Our use of raw materials that are environmentally responsible also exempts or reduces our need for regulatory reporting in the areas of hazardous waste, air permitting, and chemical inventory.

We Are Here to Serve

CCP is committed to providing high quality products and superior service. We are eager to provide a rapid, competent response to your coated paper needs.

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