Corrosorber® Paper powered by Nano-VpCI®



VpCI Corrosorber paper is a tarnish inhibiting packaging paper specifically for precious metals such as silver, gold and tin. VpCI Corrosorber paper is a unique product, in that one side of the paper has a special coating that scavenges or seeks out H2S gas. When a significant amount of H2S gas has been absorbed by the paper, the paper will change color from light blue to brown. On the other side of VpCI Corrosorber paper, is a tarnish inhibitor that will protect precious metals for up to two years or until the opposite side of the paper has significantly changed color from light blue to brown. VpCI Corrosorber paper will eliminate the need for coatings and tarnish removers that are often associated with precious metals. Rest assured, knowing that your valuable precious metals will have the same exact appearance as prior to using VpCI Corrosorber paper. VpCI Corrosorber paper will in no way hinder further processing of your precious metals. VpCI Corrosorber paper is simple to use, simply wrap your precious metals and fold edges together so there is no free airflow. The VpCI coating on the paper vaporizes, reaching all metal surfaces to provide complete tarnish inhibition. With many tarnish inhibitors, there is a need to remove after use, but with VpCI Corrosorber paper, there is no removal needed of the inhibitor. VpCI Corrosorber paper will in no way affect further processing of the precious metal or affect physical properties such as conductivity or surface resistivity.

Application: VpCI® Corrosorber paper can be used to protect products for storage and shipment in a wide variety of ways. Use VpCI Corrosorber paper for single item packaging or for multiple item packaging. Insert strips for recessed areas in large packages, for sheet liners or separators between products • Electrical and electrical components, controls, etc • Finished products: silverware, jewelery box linings, precious metal shipping container linings, wrapping for precious metals

Package: Custom sizes and constructions available upon request

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