What if ESD managers could use recyclable paper instead of antistatic “pink poly” to package electronics? What if that paper also offered corrosion protection for metal contacts on PCBs and telecom equipment? Both aspects come true in Cortec’s EcoSonic® ESD Paper.

ecosonic esd paper

What Is EcoSonic® ESD Paper?

EcoSonic® ESD Paper combines corrosion inhibiting and static-dissipative properties to provide a complete packaging paper for valuable electronic items. Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI/VpCI®) on one side of the paper form a protective molecular layer on metal surfaces wrapped inside, while another coating made from soybean oil dissipates static electricity buildup.

Why ESD + Corrosion Protection?

Typically, the main concern for electronics packaging is to protect sensitive electronics from static charge. Damage can be done to static sensitive items by actions as simple as moving the component from one side of the room to the other or simply taking it out of the bag. This damage may not appear until later when a component malfunctions or wears out prematurely. Because of the high level of risk, whole jobs are devoted to the purpose of ESD management, where protective ESD packaging plays an important role in avoiding damage during shipping, handling, and storage.

The risk of corrosion to electronics is not thought about as often but can still be important. Electronics contain many tiny components and electrical contacts of various metal types. While these may not experience any damage in a standard dry indoor environment, there are many times where electronics must travel hundreds or thousands of miles cross-country or overseas. Fluctuating temperatures can make humidity and condensation build up inside, potentially leading to corrosion. This is not to mention the high chloride content in the air surrounding oceangoing vessels that may contain large shipments of electronics. While the standard method of packaging involves moisture barrier bags and desiccants, protection can be made simpler and more comprehensive by combining ESD and corrosion protection in one packaging material, as is the case with EcoSonic® ESD Paper. 

How to Use EcoSonic® ESD Paper

EcoSonic® ESD Paper can be made into pouches and envelopes or used to interleave layers of electronics placed in bins or totes. It can also be wrapped around individual components and taped shut. As long as the components stay enclosed along with the VCI paper, Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors will remain trapped inside the package for protection. Once the package is opened, these protective molecules will begin to drift away, leaving the electronic clean and ready to use. After use, the paper can be recycled and repulped into new paper products.

Replace Pink Poly with Paper

EcoSonic® ESD Paper is ideal for ESD program managers who want ESD protection but also want to cut down on all the plastic packaging they have been using. Instead of using nonrenewable pink poly, they can opt for naturally plant-based paper as a more sustainable option, while adding corrosion protection for additional security. Contact Cortec® today to learn more about EcoSonic® ESD Paper.

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