November 1, 2023

Anyone who has owned or worked with silver knows how easily it can tarnish. This makes it very difficult for manufacturers and distributors to keep their silver raw materials tarnish-free in stock or deliver finely crafted silver goods in like-new condition without taking deliberate steps to stop tarnish. While airtight compartments or bags are among their tarnish prevention options, some may prefer to simply wrap the silver in Corrosorber® VpCI® Paper from Cortec® Corporation.

Anti-Tarnish Paper

Corrosorber® VpCI® Paper is a two-sided packaging paper that performs two functions. The white side of the paper is coated with Cortec’s standard Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors that vaporize and form a protective molecular layer on ferrous and non-ferrous metals in an enclosed package, thus inhibiting rust and corrosion without the use of greasy rust preventatives. The green side of the paper absorbs H2S, which can be present in very small or larger portions depending on the environment. When wrapped around a silver component with the green side facing out, Corrosorber® VpCI® Paper reduces the likelihood that this corrosive gas will reach the silver surface to instigate a chemical reaction and cause tarnish. As H2S is absorbed by the paper, the green outer surface of Corrosorber® will turn a darker color as an indicator. Because of its dual tarnish/corrosion inhibiting functionality, Corrosorber® VpCI® Paper can be used to protect pure silver as well as components made from a variety of metals. Thus, it fills an important niche in Cortec’s portfolio of protective packaging papers for metal. 

Who Needs Corrosorber® VpCI® Paper?

Many sectors exist that could benefit from Corrosorber® VpCI® Paper. Manufacturers of silver bars may wrap the bulk materials with Corrosorber® VpCI® Paper for shipment to customers, who can then proceed with further silver smithing or repackage them into smaller anti-tarnish packets for distribution. Jewelry makers or other silver smithers can use Corrosorber® VpCI® Paper to temporarily protect their raw materials or fine pieces of craftsmanship from the surrounding atmosphere in between work sessions. Manufacturers of silver solder can wrap their spools of high value wire in Corrosorber® VpCI® Paper to ensure they are still shiny when they reach the end user after sitting for months on a shelf. Electronics manufacturers may also find Corrosorber® VpCI® Paper of use to protect components that contain silver and other metals.

Choose Your Anti-Tarnish Packaging

There is no question that silver needs protection from tarnish. The question that does remain is how to accomplish that. Cortec® Corrosorber® VpCI® Paper provides yet another option to choose from in the face of differing needs, budgets, and preferences from one silver manufacturer, smith, or owner to another. Contact Cortec® to learn more about this dual corrosion/tarnish inhibiting paper for silver and multi-metals.

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