July 27, 2022

With more than 400 products, Cortec® Corporation is well prepared to provide a corrosion solution for a wide range of applications. VCI film and paper are among its extremely versatile flagship, staple products. Cortec® leverages these and many other technologies to create “integrated solutions” that cater to the needs of the specific corrosion prevention project. Cortec’s VpCI® brand paper is one option that is often incorporated as part of a larger solution. The question is, how do you know or decide when to include VpCI® Paper? There are two main reasons to choose VpCI® Paper as part of your corrosion protection strategy.

1. The Sustainability Advantage
One reason gaining increasing popularity is sustainability. VpCI® Paper can allow users to replace plastic bags with a product made from renewable resources. This is increasingly important with the threat of more plastic bag bans and taxes on the horizon. Three of Cortec’s VpCI® Papers are USDA Certified Biobased Products and meet biobased content requirements under the mandatory federal purchasing initiative of the USDA BioPreferred® Program.* Users who opt for VpCI® Papers over plastic can improve their environmental image and have the satisfaction of making the “circular economy” a reality with packaging that is responsibly sourced, recyclable, and reduces the risk of plastic pollution in the environment.

2. VpCI® Paper Physical Properties
The other reason for integrating VpCI® Paper into a corrosion solution has to do with paper’s physical properties. While VpCI® Packaging Technology works essentially the same for both VpCI® Film and Paper (Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors emit and fill the space with protective vapors, forming a protective molecular layer on metals), VpCI® Film and Paper have very different characteristics. Compared to VpCI® Film, VpCI® Paper offers more cushioning, less susceptibility to tearing, and a degree of moisture absorption that plastic does not have. These qualities also make VpCI® Film and VpCI® Paper complementary to each other. For instance, VpCI® Film can provide an outer moisture barrier while VpCI® Paper wrapped around warm, oddly shaped parts can absorb humidity and create a buffer to keep the film from tearing. VpCI® Paper is great for wrapping parts that will go into a larger package and need cushioning. VpCI® Paper is also a great divider between parts in a crate or other package, all the while serving a dual purpose as an extra source of corrosion protection within.

If, When, and Where
The next time you are ready to create an integrated corrosion solution, first ask yourself whether you can do without plastic completely and substitute a biobased product. Then ask yourself if the physical characteristics of the application require special properties that only VpCI® Paper can give. Your answer will help you decide if, when, and where to use VpCI® Paper in your next integrated solution. Contact Cortec® with further questions: https://www.cortecpackaging.com/contact-us/

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*For more information, please visit: https://www.biopreferred.gov/BioPreferred/

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