Do you ever wonder if there’s a viable biobased packaging alternative to plastic packaging? Cortec’s portfolio of USDA Certified Biobased Product papers is a great place to turn when looking for renewable, recyclable corrosion inhibiting and moisture and grease resistant papers. Here is a brief description of qualified Cortec® paper products.

VCI Paper for Rust Prevention
CorShield® VpCI®-146 is Cortec’s flagship VCI paper. It offers corrosion protection on both sides of the paper and can be used to package sensitive metals (e.g., auto parts, bearings, etc.) for shipping or storage. CorShield® VpCI®-146 contains 92% USDA Certified Biobased Content and is also fully recyclable. As might be expected, VpCI®-146 Creped Paper is a creped version of CorShield® VpCI®-146 Paper. It also provides corrosion protection, but the creped structure of the paper offers more buoyancy for delicate parts. Both the creped and standard versions of VpCI®-146 fall under the corrosion preventatives category of the mandatory federal purchasing initiative of the USDA BioPreferred® Program,* which requires federal agencies and their contractors to meet minimum levels of biobased content when buying certain types of products.

Recyclable Moisture and Grease Barrier VCI Paper
EcoShield® VpCI®-144 is another USDA Certified Biobased Product. It offers moisture and grease resistance in addition to corrosion protection. This is a great alternative to traditional moisture barriers that must rely on wax or polyethylene coatings for barrier resistance and thus create obstacles to recycling. In contrast, EcoShield® VpCI®-144 is fully recyclable through normal streams, taking the full product life cycle into consideration from sourcing (contains 69% USDA Certified Biobased Content) to disposal. It also meets minimum biobased content requirements for products under the corrosion preventatives category of the mandatory federal purchasing initiative.

Recyclable Moisture and Grease Barrier Paper
For those who want a recyclable moisture and grease barrier paper without corrosion protection, EcoShield® Barrier Paper is an excellent biobased option. It contains 65% USDA Certified Biobased Content and is made from components in compliance with FDA Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 for paper in contact with dry, fatty, or aqueous foods. It is ideal for use in situations where either the product inside the packaging needs protection from moisture ingress, or the packaging itself needs protection from grease or moisture (inside or outside) that could cause it to degrade

Need Guidance? Contact Cortec®!
For those who are seriously concerned about using biobased options or simply need a way to meet purchasing requirements imposed from above, these four USDA Certified Biobased Products present great packaging options that are both eco-conscious and practicable. Contact Cortec® for additional help selecting the appropriate paper for your situation:

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