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CCP Plant Cortec® Coated Products is a manufacturer of coated specialty paper, board, and films for the printing and packaging industry. Cortec® Coated Products is based on a culture of high standards, manufacturing high quality coated papers and films, while providing superior service to our customers. Cortec® Coated Products builds on its experience in this specialized field to remain a forerunner in the coated paper and film industry.

Cortec® Coated Products is a wide web, custom coater of flexible substrates. The true value of Cortec® Coated Products is its custom coating and calendering capabilities. We develop materials and offer services that our customers cannot find elsewhere. We invite you to work directly with us on process and product development. With our highly trained staff of scientists and engineers, we are prepared to handle any coating and calendering opportunity. Our coater and super calender operators have an in-depth understanding of web handling technology. In addition, our converting and compounding facilities offer a unique blend of in-house capabilities unmatched by any competitor.

Railroad Loading Dock The goal of Cortec® Coated Products is to develop innovative ideas and creative solutions designed for high-value added, specialty coated, or calendered products. Cortec® Coated Products is the logical choice to help you bring product concepts to existence in the shortest possible time.

Our Quality Assurance department performs all testing needed to ensure that your product specifications are met. Cortec® Coated Products uses a rigorous quality management system to ensure consistent quality in all aspects including customer service, product appearance, and performance. Our lab facility offers state-of-the-art testing equipment. Cortec® Coated Products is committed to provide high quality products and superior service. We are your most dependable source for coated and calendered papers and films. Turning into a busy railway station. Cortec® Coated Products (CCP), located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, is turning into a bustling train station of yesteryear. Paper from across the continent is continuously delivered at its rail dock for processing.

Loading Dock The excellent quality of the coated paper manufactured by Cortec® Coated Products is the foundation of this booming business. Satisfied customers are increasing the volume of their orders to a point where rail cars full of paper are lining up at our plant in Eau Claire. Once unloaded the paper is coated, calendered, rewound, converted, packaged, and shipped either by rail or truck to any destination in the world.’s first railroad was chartered to build a transcontinental railroad. It didn’t take that long for CCP to provide its customers with the flexibility and cost advantage of rail–car delivery.

First-rate receiving and shipping capabilities and consistent quality are integral parts of the excellent service Cortec® Coated Products offers to its customers.

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